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We use our unique talents and relationships to make the industry better


Meet the Team


Founder- CEO

Addison has been involved with nearly every aspect of the cannabis industry in his 30+ years of experience. Having founded Steep Hill Lab in 2007, Addison had built an impressive rolodex and learned what it takes to build a successful company and brand in this space. Since then, he has launched multiple products and companies in California before starting 800Lbs Mantra in 2019.

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General Manager- Marketing

Kevin got his start in the cannabis industry in 2010 when he helped build the RAW rolling papers brand from the ground up. In that time he worked with marketing leaders and honed in his skills. Since leaving RAW Papers, he leaned heavily into media and social media consulting in cannabis, fitness, and alternative sports.

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Business, Operations and Laboratory Officer

Justin’s previous assignments and experiences include working internationally, the banking industry, extensive experience in cultivation, manufacturing, and retail. He also has co-founded startups with legacy cannabis brands like 710Labs and Madrone Farms. He is a Washington DC native and a graduate of the University of Maryland and has a post-graduate degree in Sports Business Administration from Georgetown University. Justin is a former athlete and continues to compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is fluent in several languages.

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Allen Russell

Procurement Officer

Allen got his start in the cannabis industry after a severe work injury in 2001.

After getting his California Prop 215 medical card he began growing in tents, rooms, and eventually, warehouse grows. He was experimenting with water hash and BHO before it was mainstream which then led to a very successful career in cannabis equipment sales. Allen increased sales by over 30% year over a year helping the company grow from 7 to 8 figures in just 4 years.

It was in this high-level sales environment that he discovered his true passion for helping people achieve their goals in the cannabis industry. 

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Kevin Muise

Justin Lee

Addison Demoura



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