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 Apparel and Merchandise

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Our Story 

We noticed a hole in the apparel offerings that most cannabis brands get when they go to the same ol' vendors everyone else is going to.  We saw an opportunity to bring in a US-based fitness apparel manufacturer to offer a turn key solution
to every issue a brand like yours faces.

Merch Masters has built an impressive business that fixes the apparel and merch issues most companies face, so we partnered with them to bring their solutions to our industry who needs quality, easy and profitable apparel. 

What We Do



We work with you to understand your needs as a brand and what direction you would like to go with your apparel. With this understanding we can help you navigate this new marketing and revenue stream to get the most out of your money.



If you dont have in-house design, we have a design team on hand to help with graphics for your T-shirts. Our designer has many years of experience creating apparel designs for big box stores. 





Our manufacturing partner, Merch Masters has many years of experience creating apparel and merch options for the fitness industry, which focuses heavily on quality of product and ease of customer experience. 

We can warehouse, pick, pack and ship your items. This means you Don't need to worry about anything outside of selling your apparel on your website. No need to warehouse your items, or staff people to ship, giving you more time to focus on building your brand.  

T Shirt Rack

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